Kheer made with Poha

kheer with poha

Thin Poha (Rice flakes) 1 Glass.
Milk 5 Glasses
Sugar 2 Glasses
Ghee 2-3 Teaspoons
Cashew As Required
Borneo-Camphor A Pinch

Prep:10min,Cook:1hr,Extra time:15min other,Ready in:1hr25min.

1.Wash the Thin Poha(Rice flakes) and squeeze the excess water.
2.Place the thick bottomed vessel on low flame, and add Milk to it. Bring Milk to Boil.
3.Add the poha to the Milk once Milk is boiled. (do not increase the Flame)
4.Keep stirring the Poha.
5.When the poha is cooked completely, add Sugar. (If sugar is added before poha is cooked, the poha will become hard and will not be good to chew.)
6.Keep Stirring for another 10 mins, until milk reduces to half the vessel.
7.Add Borneo-Camphor and remove from flame.
8.On low flame, heat ghee and fry cashews.
9.Add the cashews to the Kheer and serve. It can be chilled and served as well.

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