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Many people have asked me how they can make their non veg recipes even stronger. This site gives you several ideas on making non veg dishes. This site offers several simple tips on how to do this, including how to extract more effectively, by adding additives, or simply consuming more non veg snacks.

Half egg fry

Chicken Leg Fry

Spinach and Potato Omelette

Prawn Chilli Fry

Tangy Garlic Prawns

Spicy egg fried rice

Prawn Soup

Noodle Soup

Mutton biryani recipe

Fish Biryani

Egg paratha recipe

Egg noodles recipe

prawn biryani recipe /prawn dum biryani

hyderabadi Egg biryani recipe /Egg dum biryani

chicken 65

Fried Chicken

Chicken Soup

Grilled Orange Chicken