Sponge Dosa

dosaIngredients :

4 cups rice
2 cups udad dal or white lentils
2 tablespoons poha or flattened rice
salt as needed
1 teaspoon soybean oil

Prep:4hr , Extra time:8hr soaking , Ready in:12hr.

1.Soak the rice, dal and poha for 8 hours . Drain the water out and grind the dal, poha and rice to make a fine paste.
2.Keep the paste in a moist place for 4 hours( far from windows or fan) to allow it to get fermented. Mix in a pinch of salt after the paste is fermented.
3.Heat a thick tawa on medium flame. Grease it with little bit of soybean oil.
4.Spread a thick layer (about 1 cm) of the paste on tawa and cook it until it gets brown and crispy from inside. Serve with coconut chutney.

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